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NYC Infidelity Investigations

Whether you need to present evidence in court or just want proof one way or the other so you can have peace of mind, we can help. 

We use state-of-the art surveillance equipment and techniques. Subjects who are the object of surveillance often are themselves suspicious that someone is watching them. This makes them cautious and evasive. We understand this and take the steps necessary to avoid detection so that we can obtain the best possible documentation. 

Once our investigation is completed, we will provide you with all photographs or video evidence in addition to a detailed report which you can present to your attorney should you wish to proceed within a court of law, or simply for your own validation that your thoughts were justified or not.

Why GTS?

International Reach

Anywhere in the world you need us, we will be there! We conduct investigations around the globe.

State-Of-the-Art Equipment

Our field agents use state-of-the-art equipment, which includes high definition cameras with high powered zoom, covert hidden cameras, top of the line electronic extraction devices, debugging equipment & more.

Modern Techniques

With the ever evolving world of technology, it is crucial that we stay ahead of the curve to provide clients with the missing pieces they need. We developed modern tactics to remove or disable devices, identify spyware & much more.

Experienced Teams

Our investigators have 20+ years of experience as high ranking officials within law enforcement, intelligence agencies and military sectors.

About Us

Our Mission

Global Threat Solutions is a military veteran owned investigations firm based in New York City and Los Angeles. We offer comprehensive investigative services to a broad spectrum of clients including corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals.

Our strategy of investing in our employees in order to produce a better product for our customers, has never failed us. From the recruitment and onboarding phase, to an ongoing commitment to training and mentorship, GTS sets the highest standards of team loyalty and demands an unwavering focus on our important mission.

We strive to provide professional & effective investigative services to meet the diverse threats and challenges of the modern world. With innovation, a comprehensive investment in our employees and a total commitment to the client, we deliver peace of mind in uncertain times.

What Clients Have To Say About GTS

"I decided to hire GTS after I suspected my finance of cheating. Ken was assigned as my dedicated investigator, he took the time to explain the discrete methods he would use to prove infidelity and within a short time was able to give me the evidence I needed to prove my suspicions.

- Stacy K.

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