Global Security Operations Center

During these increasingly dangerous and unstable times, Global Threat Solutions offers comprehensive Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) services to a broad spectrum of clients around the world.  Our trained Intelligence Analysts have extensive law enforcement, military and private sector experience and will provide you with the information you need to keep your people and assets safe.  Our custom services will be tailored to the specific geographic locations and security requirements of your organization.

Our GSOC services bring great value to organizations who do not have an internal GSOC operation to monitor threats to their personnel and assets.  We also can provide extensive cost savings when compared to running an internal GSOC operation.  Our team will keep you informed on the threats facing your organization including protests and civil unrest, crime, terrorism, natural disasters, travel threats, high risk areas, COVID risks and more.  We also keep you informed on the things that will keep you your people informed on a daily basis including weather reports, traffic delays, mass transit updates and important news.  Call today and let Global Threat Solutions provide custom GSOC services to your organization and give your Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times.

Services include:

  • Custom Daily Intelligence Reporting
  • Real-Time Intelligence Alert System
  • Travel Security Advisories
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Virtual Travel and Intelligence Briefings as needed
  • Executive Protection Threat Reports and Assessments
  • High-Risk Country Travel Advisories
  • Weather, traffic and mass transit updates
  • Important news stories and open source information
  • Social Media alerts

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