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The increasing threats of terrorism, crime, civil unrest, COVID, and even dangerous weather patterns make traveling more dangerous than it has ever been.  Global Threat Solutions offers comprehensive Travel Protection services to a broad spectrum of clients including families, companies, universities, and NGO’s.

Our Travel Protection Agents have extensive law enforcement and military experience and have operated in countries in every part of the world.  They will accompany your employees, family, or students and provide the security expertise needed to keep them safe.  Our GSOC (Global Security Operations Center) will be supporting our Agents with real-time security updates as they protect your group in every region of the world.  In these challenging times let our Travel Protection services give you Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times.

Our Travel Protection services include:

  • Travel Protection Agents to travel with your group
  • GSOC Support that includes real-time security updates
  • Travel Security Advisories
  • Virtual Travel Security Briefings
  • Vehicle support
  • Private Aviation services
Travel Security

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