About Us - International Private Investigations


Our Mission

Global Threat Solutions is a dynamic and multidimensional investigative and intelligence firm that provides comprehensive investigative solutions and a broad spectrum of security training and consulting products.

Through a strong commitment to professionalism, confidentiality and unwavering dedication to our clients, we provide solutions to the increasingly demanding security, investigative and training needs of organizations in the modern world. Our strategy of investing in our employees in order to produce a better product for our customers, has never failed us. From the recruitment and onbording phase, to an ongoing commitment to training and mentorship, GTS sets the highest standards of team loyalty and demands an unwavering focus on our important mission.

We intend to provide professional investigative and consulting services to meet the diverse threats and challenges of the modern world. Through innovation, a comprehensive investment in our employees and a total commitment to the client, we will disrupt the industry and position ourselves as a leader in a new and expanding market.