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Residential Security

Global Threat Solutions has developed an industry-leading Residential and Estate Security model that will give you and your family Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times.  GTS offers plainclothes or uniformed, armed or unarmed Residential Protection Agents that provide highly professional and discreet services that will seamlessly integrate with your family and your lifestyle.  We protect primary and secondary residences anywhere in the world.  Our Daily Security Reports will be sent directly to your device keeping you informed of any concerns or issues concerning the protection of your family and assets.  GTS can also provide supplemental Executive Protection Agents for periods of travel or heightened security.

Our Residential Security services include

GTS offers Armed and Unarmed Residential Security Agents that are professional and discreet.  Our Agents will work seamlessly with your family and lifestyle. 

GTS will conduct a comprehensive Residential Security Assessment as a stand alone service or as part of a residential security detail.  

GTS will assess your property and determine the most effective and affordable measures to keep you and your family safe.  Fencing, Video Surveillance, Guard Force, Network Security and access control and alarm services will all be considered.  

GTS can provide you and your family with a licensed professional security driver to provide secure transportation to you and your family.  

GTS can provide a Travel Security Agent(s) to travel ahead of or with you and your family or employees to give you Peace of Mind.  From short domestic trips to high threat regions of the world, GTS will allow you to focus on your trip and not the threats that exist throughout the world.  

GTS provides comprehensive security services for private and corporate events of all sizes.  Access Control, barriers, valet parking, K-9 services, Drone Surveillance, Metal Detectors and Event Security Agents from 1 to 200 are just some of our services.  

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