Event Security

Global Threat Solutions specializes in Event Security Management around the world.  We have been contracted to provide comprehensive Event Security services for sporting events, large corporate events, concerts, political events, and more.

Our proven Event Security model provides total Security Management.  We deploy an Event Security Director who will work closely with your staff to ensure your event is successful and allows your team to focus on their mission.  Our Security Director will manage all Security Officers, K-9 Teams, Metal Detectors, Access Control, Parking Security, Barrier Placement and Fencing, VIP Protection and Escorts, Stage Security, and Credential Management, Protest Operations and COVID protocol enforcement.

Our Threat Management services include BOLO (Be on the lookout) surveillance, Social Media monitoring, Threat Intelligence Reports, and Counter-Terrorism operations including covert surveillance.

Our Event Security services include:

  • Event Security Management
  • Security Officer staffing
  • Access Control
  • K-9 services
  • Metal Detector operations
  • Barriers and fencing
  • VIP Escorts and Protection
  • Stage Security and Credential Enforcement
  • Exterior and Interior Patrols
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Political Events
  • Corporate Events of all sizes
  • COVID protocol enforcement
  • Counter-Terrorism operations
  • Protest operations

To ensure a safe and successful event in the very challenging times we live in, contact Global Threat Solutions today.

Event Security

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