Residential Security

Global Threat Solutions has developed an industry-leading Residential and Estate Security model that will give you and your family Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times.  GTS offers plainclothes or uniformed, armed or unarmed Residential Protection Agents that provide highly professional and discreet services that will seamlessly integrate with your family and your lifestyle.  We protect primary and secondary residences anywhere in the world.  Our Daily Security Reports will be sent directly to your device keeping you informed of any concerns or issues concerning the protection of your family and assets.  GTS can also provide supplemental Executive Protection Agents for periods of travel or heightened security.  Our Residential Security services include:

  • Armed and Unarmed Residential Protection Agents
  • Uniformed or Plainclothes
  • Daily Security Report (Digital)
  • Patrol Checks
  • Ongoing Security Assessments
  • Industry Leading Residential Protection Model
  • Corporate and Family Office Programs
  • Global Capability
  • Primary and Secondary Residences
  • Supplemental Services Including Executive Protection, Threat Investigations etc.
  • Discreet and Seamless

In an increasingly dangerous world, it is critical to ensure the protection of your family and assets.  Call today for Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times.

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